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Burger love pays off! Find our loyalty campaigns, monthly changing special burgers and our sensational seasonal beers.

Juicy Benefits: The Omnom Burger App

Who needs Bitcoin or Ethereum? Omnom Coins are the real deal! Earn coins with our omnom app for every consumption - redeem them for various delicious rewards!

Burger of the month

Every month new: our burger of the month!

Always a new taste experience: Every month we offer you a new, unprecedented gourmet burger with our burger oft the month - catch it if you can! Be quick; try them while they exist!

Wine Swine Burger -January-

French Pear Burger -February-

Spring Sheep Burger -March-

Easter Egg Burger -April-

Pepe Salame Burger -May-

Summer Jam Burger -June-

Berry Green Burger -July-

Sunny Melanzani Burger -August-

Plums Up Burger -September-

Pumpkin Crunch Burger -October-

Figue Chèvre Burger -November-

Apple Royal Burger -December-

goes well with your burger: icecold beer by Brew Age

Viennese art of brewing with a taste eruption: Brew Age is a Viennese brewery with the motto: highest quality and maximum freshness!

The effervescent volcano of the logo stands for the creation of new beers. Similar to how volcanism creates new islands in the ocean, Brew Age creates unique beers in the endless expanse of the well-known. These beers provide a variety of taste eruptions that, once tried, you want to experience again and again. With well-founded knowledge and a lot of dedication, they work every day for your moment of pleasure. Treat yourself with on to your burger!

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4. quarter

The beer of the month changes every three months.

The Midday Deal

An unbeatable offer. Our omtastic lunch menu is available Tuesday to Friday between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

All promotions are exempt from delivery service. Retail price. Valid in all participating restaurants in Vienna. While stocks last.

*only returnable bottles, wich are available in our shops will be taken back.